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Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Lipstick Collection

I've been wearing make up for a long time now but have only recently started wearing lipstick in the last three or four months. I tent to stay safe when it comes to lipstick and choose pink,lots of different shades of pink!

1. No 17 - Barley Blush 
2. Natural Collection - Pink Mallow
3. Natural Collection - Sweet Pea
4. Natural Collection - Berry Blush 
5. Avon - Fushia Fun 
6. Jerome Alexander - I couldn't find a colour
7 - Rimmel London - Tantrum

As you can see all my lipsticks are pretty much the same but I wear them all, maybe not the last two as much but they are still worn.
I do have one other lipstick that I bought thinking it wouldn't look as bright when I put it on my lips, but it is pretty neon. It's Barry M's shade 151, it is a bright orange colour.

It doesn't look too bright in the pictures, if you've tried this let me know what you think of it and if you regret buying it or you love it!



Chilly Chick said...

great collection of lipsticks!!

Ali said...

I see what you mean about the Barry M one, it looks really nice in the bullet but their lipsticks are so opaque it's crazy!

Ali xx

Sophie said...

I have that Barry M shade - I was also really disappointed because it's so drying :( love the rest of your collection though, natural collection lipsticks are amazing! x

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