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Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Favorite Necklaces

I wear necklaces a lot, especially if I'm wearing a plain and simple outfit. So on this favorite post I thought I would show you the ones I love to wear.

I got this necklace for my 16th birthday, I pretty much wear it everyday unless I decide to wear something different. I love it because it is just so simple and is made from gold so I can wear it for a long time.

This is from Primark and is probably one of my oldest necklaces, I've had it years. It is on a long chain and I wear it with darker tops so you can see it.

I got this necklace from ebay, it was so cheap. It was under £2!  This is also on a long chain and I love it. I often look through ebay to see if if I can spot a bargain.

This is one of the necklaces from my Mum, it has a mixture of different gems on it including, amethyst, cherry quartz and peridot. I love this necklace and wear it frequently.

I'd love to hear you opinion on the necklaces, and if you want any more information on my Mums jewellery as she does sell it.



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Fictitious Fashion said...

Hey these are such pretty necklaces! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment :) of course I'd love to follow u.. I'm doing so.. maybe you'd do the same :)
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danielleyc said...

Love all of these necklaces, they're all so pretty! :) xx

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