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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Favorite Products

I am going to do a series of blog posts about my favorite things, these will include jewellery, nail varnish and lipsticks. 
I am going to start with products.


 I love this body butter, it's so thick and you don't need a lot to add moisture in your skin. It smells amazing as it is sented with Mist You Madly, I don't know exactly how much it cost as it was a present from my big sis but I know when it runs out I will definitely re purchase it.


Sticking with the soap and glory theme, this has been a life saver the past couple of days, because of this gorgeous weather we are having I have caught the sun big time. This spray is so refreshing and cooling that it has been so useful I had to put it in my list.


 I use this product daily on a cotton pad and it cleans your face so well, it makes you feel fresh and awake after using it, this is another product that I will definitely re purchase.


 I bought this not long ago and mentioned it in my Tiny Boots Haul here, but it has worked so well, my hair feels silky and smooth and is much more manageable than before.

Keep and eye out for my next favorites post, it will be up very soon.
Let me know what your favorite products are.



Anthea Lau said...

I was given some soap and glory product but haven't really tried them out yet, perhaps i should give it a go soon :)
would you like to follow each other?

AbbieeVictoria said...

Hey do you want to follow each other this is such an amazing blog + your dog is sooo cute! I've already followed you xx

Danielle said...

Soap and glory products are the best! And the packaging is cute, so it's a win win situation ;-). Everything here looks great! xx

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