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Friday, 12 October 2012

Hemsby 2012

As I said before I recently went on a vintage/50's style holiday which included getting dressed up in numerous pretty dresses. I'm going to share some pictures from the holiday with you.

My neighbor and Mum (in the red jacket) playing in the sea in October. They soon regretted it.
This man looked so much like my Grandad when he was younger, it was so spooky.
Izzy (sister), Alyshia (neighbor) and Me
On Friday night we all decided to dress Hawaii themed. 
We did some strolling, it's a bit like line dancing but without the country music.
Me and my sister on Saturday night, Izzy's dress is from Viveon of Holloway. Isn't it AMAZING! I wore flats every night so I was able to dance without falling over.
Jiving makes you so dizzy, but it's all fun.
We went on a boat ride on the Sunday and our boat was called Southern Comfort.

It was a really lovely holiday, a very loud holiday with eight of us going and bands almost all day but it was very nice to go away for a long weekend.

Have you been anywhere recently?


Kfedland said...

This actually looks like the best weekend ever.. Any excuse to put on a vintage dress and i'm sold!
Your dress is also fab.x

The Style Rawr said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun!! I haven't been on holiday for 3 months, I need to get away!

The Style Rawr!

Amy Goodeve said...

I normaly wear my grandmas dress that she wore when she was my age but I just had so many dresses to choose from :) xx

Wendy England said...

How cute are those dresses! I'm from Norwich so not far from Hemsby. I have spent many a everning walking that beach ^_^

Wendy Xoxo

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