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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I like nail varnish A LOT and there is one colour in particular, pink. I always tend to be drawn to the pinks on the stands.They are just too pretty to leave them. 

Price left to right - £5, £5, £5, £5, £5, £2.99, £2.99, £1.99, Part of a set

Here are all nine pink nail varnishes, some of them are very similar, for example Natural Collection's Pink Manicure and Models Own Buff Pink. Both are a natural pink that just enhances your nails and makes them look extra healthy, although Models Own is more opaque. Also, Models Own Pink Fizz and Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter are extremely similar, the only difference I can see is that Models Own have bigger pieces of glitter.

My newest member to the collection is Pink Punch by Models Own. It is amazing. The colour is similar to highlighter pink. It's a nail varnish that stands out and people notice, I had a lot of compliments when I wore it because people can't help but notice it. I love it, it's my favorite nail varnish right now.

Do you have a nail varnish obsession?



Ellie Adams said...

Have you ever checked out the models own stand in westfield white city amy? It's literally a nail polish lovers heaven!


Sophie said...

Love models own!


Amie K said...

believe it or not I've never tried a models own polish-I must though as I only ever hear good things about them!
XO Amie

Lolita in the Mix said...

Great polishes!! I have a great manicure insparational post on my blog now, I'm sure you'd like it! I know we follow eachother on gfc but how about following each other on bloglovin and gfc? Let me know once you do, that way I’ll follow you back! Waiting for you!

-xoxo- lorena

Ellie said...

Pink Punch looks amaze! :D Found your blog through the bbloggers hopp! :) x

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