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Sunday, 18 November 2012

This or That Tag

I saw this tag done on Beauty in a Blog and really wanted to give it ago. I think it's an American tag so some of the questions don't apply to me, I've taken them out but if you want to see the full tag it's on her blog. I love doing and reading tags as it allows you to know more about the person behind the blog.

Blush or Bronzer:  Brozer, I go pink naturally so I don't want to enhance that.

Lip gloss or Lipstick: Lipstick, I don't like the feel of lipgloss.
Eye liner or Mascara: This is a tough one but I would choose mascara, although I  love eyeliner.

Foundation or Concealer: Foundation, but some days I do only wear concealer.
Neutral or Color eye shadow: Neutral, I don't really like colour eye shadows, they don't really suit me.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows: Pressed, loose are hust too hard to use. Brushes or Sponges: Brushes, I hate sponges, they are rubbish.

OPI or China Glaze: OPI as I've necer tried China Glaze.

Long or Short: Long, it's a sad day when I break a nail.
Acrylic or Natural: Natural, I don't think I will ever wear false nails. I like my natural nail too much.
Brights or Darks: I really like both, I think it depends what mood I am in at the time and what occasion I am painting my nails for.

Flower or No flower: Flower, any kind of nail art really.

Perfume or Body splash: Perfume.
Lotion or Body butter: Body Butter, I love this stuff, I think it is a lot more moisturising.

Body wash or Soap: Body wash, it always smells nicer.
Lush or Other bath company: Other bath companies, I do love the smell of a lush shop I don't often buy anything from there.

Jeans or Sweat pants: Jeans, but I like wearing leggings too.

Long sleeve or Short: Short.
Dresses or Skirts: Dresses,  skirts take a lot of thought, although I very rarely wear a dress.
Stripes or Plaid: Stripes, I'm not very keen on plaid.
Flip flops or Sandals: Scandals, they look a lot nicer than flip flops and I find them easier to wear.
Scarves or Hats: I love scarves.
Studs or Dangly earrings: Dangly earringmy favourites are from Jewelstar Jo.
Necklaces or Bracelets: Both, I just love jewellery.

Heels or Flats: Flats! I find it so hard to walk in heal buut I wear them occasionally.
Cowboy boots or Riding boots: Riding boots, I really don't like cow boy boots.
Jacket or Hoodie: Jacket, they look smart compared to a hoodie.  
Abercombie or Hollister: Hollister.

Curly or Straight: I love curly hair but unfortunately mine doesn't stay that way.
Bun or Ponytail: Bun.
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips: Bobby pins, they are a lot more descreate.
Hair spray or Gel: Hair spray, I have never used hair gel.
Long or Short: LONG!
Light or Dark: Light.
Side sweep Bangs or full bangs: Side fringe, I don't think I will suit a full fringe.
Up or Down: Down, but I like my hair in a top not.

Rain or Shine: Shine, but I don't mind colder weather.
Summer or Winter: Winter, I like to be cosy and wrapped up.
Fall or Spring: Fall, for the same reasons.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla.

If you have done this tag leave a link in the comments so I can have a read!


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