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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rimmel London - Apocalips

I know there is reviews and swatches of these everywhere you look in the beauty blogger world, but I really like them and thought I would do my own quick little review.
The applicator is very clever as it has a dip in the center of the sponge, this means you don't need to keep adding the lacquer to the applicator because it holds enough.

 Celestial is the first on I bought, and I love it. It is the perfect everyday lip colour for me because it is an enhancement of my natural lip colour.

I then went and bought three more, I think Nova is my favorite of the four I've tried. It's a bright pink, but I think it is subtle enough for me to wear it daily.

 This one is definitely the hardest to apply, it took me many attempts to get to this stage and it still isn't quite right. I think it is the least wearable for me because it is very bright. I don't experiment with lip colour that much but I think this will look nice with a black outfit on an evening out.

I love this colour as it is a combination of orange and red, I am not brave enough to wear a pillar box red on my lips, so this is the perfect colour to wear instead. I'm excited to wear this out.

Have you tried any of the Apocalips lip lacquers?



Keely Jade said...

I have the apocalyptic and big bang colours, both very vibrant so I love them...but such a mess to apply haha! xx

Gemma Talbot said...

I've read so many great reviews about these lipsticks, and absolutely love the look of Apocalyptic. Looks stunning on you x

Anonymous said...

I wanted to pick up one of these but wasn't sure which colour to go for so thanks giving me some ideas! Think I'm gunna go for the Stellar!

Ash :-)

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