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Monday, 22 April 2013

Manicure Monday #28

Sorry about the lack of posts these past couple of weeks but I have been doing some crazy revision, I have a plan to complete all my revision notes by the end of April. So far I am on track. Also, my Media coursework is finally complete.

This week I bought Marie Claire, I don't usually read this magazine but I really wanted to try a Ciate nail varnish and it was the free gift. I got this really natural shade called pocket money. I think it makes my nails look healthy and the colour looks very sophisticated and grown up. The original price of the nail varnish is £9 but the magazine only cost me £3.80.

Also, this Jergens ultra healing moisturiser sample came with the magazine. It made my skin feel really soft and it was absorbed really quickly. I gave my hands a bit of a pampering with a scrub, new manicure and a really luxurious feeling moisturiser. However, this was the only one with the moisturiser in so I think it just got trapped in there by mistake, bonus for me.

I am so pleased with the freebies that came with this magazine and I will definitely be looking out for more because a moisturiser and nail varnish for £3.80 is a BARGAIN.

Have you had any magazine freebies lately? 

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Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

How wonderful that Marie Clarie gave you these little treats. I'd love to try Ciate nail varnish. Heard many good reviews.
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