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Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Nail Varnish Storage

Today I went to Dunelm Mill with some family and friends, I love walking round and having a look at everything because it gives me room inspiration, I also get craft inspiration. We saw lots of cushions today being sold for £10 or more and we all said "we could make that".

In the bathroom section I saw these shelves for £9.99 I thought they were absolutely perfect to store my nail varnish in, it lets me see everything that I have too instead of them being couped up in a box.

On the top shelf I am keeping all my glitters, crackles, shimmers and other nail effects. This is my favorite shelf as it is so pretty and sparkly.

On shelf number two I am keeping all my pastel nail vanishes, I've noticed I have a lot of blues and pinks.

Finally, I have my shelf with all my dark nail varnishes, this is my least favorite shelf as the colours are so dark but I have some gorgeous shades of red in here.

I adore the little cream flowers that are on the front of every shelf, they are a cute addition and tie into the rest of my room.

How do you store your nail varnish?


Josie said...

I like how you've stored yours, so easy to find the shade you're after! Mine are all just crammed into a drawer, rummaging through them is a nightmare! xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers, they are cute xxx

Jesss said...

This is super pretty! Mine are all in Glossyboxes & similar, I have about 150 so it's the best I've managed to come up with. A couple of these could work though.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Jesss xo

Beau Maquillagex said...

This is such a good idea! I love it, I really want to find something like this to store my nail varnish in, as they'r currently just in Glossybox's in a drawer and it's hard to access them :) Just followed your blog I love it :) would love it if you coul check mine out too

Thanks :) xo

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