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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Shoes #1

I own a lot of shoes and i seem to be buying more and more, I saw on Becky's blog that she is wearing a different pair of shoes every week and it has inspired me to show my shoes that I wear. I'm not promising every week but I think they will be fun posts to do.

I have had these shoes years and I have only worn them a handful of times, I wear flowers and pinks not edgy leopard print, but today they just went perfectly with my outfit.
Today is Saturday and I was into school (I'm such a dedicated student) I have a 15 hour, yes 15 hour, photography exam next week and I had some serious catch up to do. When I got home I decided to cut the grass, which was a bad idea as I was completely covered in it by the time I had finished.

Do you like this idea? Do you want to see more?

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Those shoes are really cute! I love flats, esp. ones that come with the little bows on the end. & oh my lanta, a 15 HOUR?! exam? Good luck with it! I couldn't even sit still through a 3 hour SAT, haha!

- Jess
The Mod Mermaid

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