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Monday, 13 May 2013

Manicure Monday #30

For this manicure I got my inspiration from cute polish's video, she does really quick and easy nail art designs   every Sunday. She makes them look so simple but on many occasions I've had to take it all off and start all over again, she is worth checking out if you want to learn how to do this.

Unfortunately, I didn't wait long enough before I applied my top coat so some of the black has smudged but I still liked it enough to put it on here.

If you do nail art posts or videos leave them in the comments as I am always looking for new ideas.


Claire Brownbill said...

Hey I have a how to on marbled nails if you'd ever be interested for some more ideas for your nail art! Love the nail look I am obsessed with nails! Anyway the how to on marbled nails is here if you would like a look!


Shang J. said...

Oh wow this is so cute! Love the colour combo. x

Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

Jesss said...

This looks lovely! Leopard print nails are always a good call :)

Jess xo

Michelle K said...

cute nails! loving the glitter :)


SPRFRK said...

love it!

Lauren L. said...

Looks really good! :) I love leopard print! x

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