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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Top Summer Nail Varnish's

As the weather is getting warmer and we are getting closer to Summer I thought I would share my top five Summer colours. They are mostly pastels but I have added a neon pink.

Barry M, Strawberry Ice Cream - I really like this colour is is the perfect baby pink, but unfortunately it takes four coats until it is completely opaque. It is worth the time though.

Models Own, Utopia - I think every single beauty blogger has this nail varnish, it must be a requirement of blogging. It is a very pale lilac but it makes a statement because it is close to being white.

Models Own, Pink Punch - This colour is stunning, it is so bright and neon. It is perfect for the neon trend this Spring/Summer.

Barry M, Mint Green - I love mint green nail polishes, I am gaining quite a collection. This is a very strong colour and takes two thin coats to be completely opaque which is great because that means it dries quickly.

SEVENTEEN, Lemon Tart - This is a very bright yellow but it is still pastel rather than neon. It hard to find a subtle yellow but I am still looking.

What's your Summer colour?


Geo Wilmer said...

Hey Amy!
Do you use a top coat on your nails? I've been trying to find a decent one for ages!

daniella-r said...

I love the Barry M mint green polish- my fav for summer
Daniella x

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