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Saturday, 14 July 2012

DIY Bleach T-shirt

I have recently started experimenting with old clothes that I haven't worn in ages and became bored of.
I am going to show you how ti dip dye an old t-shirt, I have used one from Primak I have had for so long and only worn a couple of times. This effect can be used for all sorts of different items of clothing though.

It is very simple and very quick to do, I managed to do my t-shirt in about 20 minutes.
All you need is:

  •  An elastic band
  • An old jug
  • Some bleach 
Firstly, your going to need to dilute the bleach into the jug (a quarter of the jug with bleach and the rest with water.) Then put the elastic band on the t-shirt where you want it bleaching, I did mine just under half way. After this you just hold it in your bleach for a few minutes.
 Finally, completely rinse the bleach out and leave to dry.

This was my first attempt and I managed to get a big splodge of bleach on the back so if you try this be careful where you put your top.

Let me know if your going to try this and what piece of clothing you are going to use.


1 comment:

Sophie said...

This looks so simple! I might have to try it!


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