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Friday, 13 July 2012

Wish List

OPI Nail Envy Original Strength 15 ml

I paint my nails regularly, I get bored of the same nail varnish after two or three days. If I get a pretty new colour I have to try it out instantly, even if I have done my nails a day. I think painting your nails are a subtle way of adding excitement to any outfit, especially if it involves glitter or nail art.

I really want to try OPI's nail envy, I've heard so many good things about it, that it repairs your nails and makes them look strong and glowing. I would like to try this in the winter, as my nails feel the cold and let me know about by becoming weak flaky. I believe OPI are a great nail varnish brand and last forever on your nails without chipping, so I really think this will bring my nails back to health.

Let me know if you have tried nail envy or any other OPI products.


1 comment:

Natasha said...

I've heard this is really good! xx

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