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Thursday, 6 September 2012

I Won a Competition!

I enter lots of competitions from other beauty bloggers via their blog or twitter on the off chance that I might win one. I was lucky enough to win this cute little necklace off When Flowers Fall (plus you should all check out her YouTube she is a genius at tutorials.)

This came from Scarlette Hearts who currently have a sale on so go check them out! This necklace is so lovely, the heart is attached to he clasp so it hangs on your back, it looks lovely with you hair up. For an alternative look wear the clasp at the front and have a cluster of charms. 

Do you enter lots of competitions like me?



Hola Flo Beauty and Lifestyle Blog said...

You are so lucky !
I never win anything :(

Cute blog

Lydia said...

Yay I love it when I win a blog comp! they're so pretty! X

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