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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Review: Simple Rich Moisturiser

I love all simple product because they are so kind to you skin, even if you dont have sensetive skin I think they are great and for all ages because both me and my Grandma use the same moisturiser, she actually bought me this one.

It has a thin substance however you don't need loads of it do do your face, I use abut the size of a 5p if not less.I also like how it's not fragranced with anything because although I do love pretty smelling things I don't want to be putting them on my face everyday.

It is absorbed into the skin so quickly, so as soon as you've applied it you can add your make up. It helps aswell if you have dry skin but I think all skin types can use it.
Have you tried any simple products?


amymcculloch said...

just followed your blog! Really love it! Check mine out?

Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely comment :)

want to follow each other?

Officially Ms. Tjiang said...

i love your blog!

check mine out?

thank you!

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