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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Step by step guide to the top knot

This hairstyle is so easy, it takes no time when your rushing in the morning as I was today. I'm still not used to getting up early for sixth form and I've been back a week. I am going to show you how I create it but it's gong to be different with different hair styles.

1. I flip all my hair upside down and brush it downwards.

2. I grab my hair into a pony tail where I want the bun to be.

3. I twirl my hair in my fingers and wrap it round, I then secured it into place with some thin bobbles.

4. Finally I added some grips to keep my fringe in place.

Each time I do this the bun is in a different place so the great thing is that your hair is slightly different.

Do you ever wear this hairstyle?


1 comment:

Lydia said...

I can never quite manage a top knot so this is fab for me! lovely post :) x

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