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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is just a quick post to explain why there will be no proper blog posts for over a week. I am going on holiday with my family and neighbors for a long weekend tomorrow.
We are going to Hemsby Rock N Roll weekend, it isn't far from Great Yarmouth.It is just an excuse to get dressed up in vintage and 50's inspired clothes, I have loads of ideas for blog posts when I get back including OOTD's, FOTD's, showing my accessories and jewellery. I will also do a general post about the holiday which I am looking forward to taking the pictures for.

I will be tweeting whilst I'm away so follow me on twitter to see what I'm up to and what I'm wearing.

See you next week!



Perla Sanchez said...

I like your post, I really like retro inspired stuff.

Lydia said...

As have a fab time!! :) x

Christie Smith said...

Have a great trip, I like your blog:)

Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?

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