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Monday, 1 October 2012

Manicure Monday #7

Nails always need to look clean and nice because our hands are always on show, I have polish or nail art on my nails nearly all the time. 
I've not done this manicure in so long but I love it it's so cute and really simple although it took me a while because I really don't have a steady hand.

I love this manicure it's so pretty and girlie! I originally tried doing this with black instead of pink but my black nail art pen wouldn't work but I love the pink it makes it look prettier. 
I used Natural Collection's french manicure pink which only cost £1.99 which  is a bargain. It just adds a natural pink shine to your nail which some days I love. I also used my white and pink nail art pen which I got of ebay, they are very cheap and definitely worth having. 

To achieve this is very simply all you do is put five dots to create the petals, draw them to the center with a cocktail stick and add a dot in the middle with a different colour and that's it. Simple. 



LoveT. said...

Looks cute :)


Jayne Wilson said...

I love these nails! pretty flowers (:

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