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Monday, 14 January 2013

My 18th Birthday

I turned 18 on Friday 11th January and I had an amazing birthday weekend, so I thought I would share it with you. I got some really nice presents and I love them all. My friends and family know me so well as I got quite a bit of nail varnish.
Firstly, I had to go to school as it was Friday and I had an exam, but I was happy with how it went so it didn't dampen my birthday spirit. It was a chilled out day at sixth form. After my exam I went to photography, did some work in the dark room and went home at one.
When I got in I opened my presents from my family and did some revision until tea was ready (aren't I a good girl.) In the evening I went out for a few drinks with some family and friends, this turned into staying out until 4 am.
During that time I had my first sambuca shot (never again), tried a beer and walked down a very steep hill in heels.
We got a taxi back and went to a friends house who lives across the road from me me and played cards until early hours in the morning. Eventually, we came home, I ate a slice of birthday cake and then went to bed. All night I only spent £2 and that was on the taxi.

When I woke upon Saturday I found my step sister, Becky with my nephew, Luke here. I spent the morning, catching up, colouring with Luke and eating more birthday cake in my pyjamas.
Just after I got dressed my step sisters sister, Katy turned up, (confusing right?) and we started the drinking games.
Firstly, Me, my sister, Izzy and Katy played noughts and crosses with Cherry and Blackberry Cactus Jack, the cherry one is very sweet. If you loose you have to drink the three shots you lost against.
After this we played Ring of Fire, you should definitely Google the rules and have a go. We decided we wanted some fresh air, so we went out for a walk and ended up at our local park.
Sorry about my awful Blackberry camera!

When we got in we ordered pizza and watched Paul, we were asleep by twelve. 

On Sunday Me, Izzy and Katy went to see Les Miserable, it is such an amazing film, I would recommend it. By the end of it all three of us were crying. 
After this we went to Handmade Burger and then realised we needed to put more money on the parking for the car. Me and Katy went to do it and left Izzy with the bags, however when we got to the top of the car park we noticed that we had forgot the car keys and had to run back quickly to get them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday weekend and now that all the excitement is over I can get some well needed sleep. 



Ellie Adams said...

Happy belated birthday Amy, glad I'm not the only one who goes out for a few drinks and ends up rolling in in the early hours ha! Glad you enjoyed your day.


Georgia Budd said...

Happy birthday for last Friday, sounds like you had a great time! And YES Les Misarables was amazing!

Melanie Nunn said...

Happy 18th Birthday! Its such a special day. Look forward to your next post

M x

Hola Bambi said...

Lovely photos , happy belated 18th xx

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