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Thursday, 17 January 2013

What Eye Liner I Would Recommend

It feels like forever since I have properly blogged, I have done the odd post, but since Christmas I have been so busy revising for exams but they finished today - FINALLY. I had two hour and a half exams scheduled at the same time so I had to do one straight after the other. (Not fun at all.) I now want to get back into blogging more regularly.

I use eye liner almost everyday and I have tried a lot, including gel, liquid, pen and pencil. Since trying Collections Extreme felt tip liner I've stuck to it, although I'm starting to be a bit more adventurous again. I've been using it for over a year and at £2.49 from Boots it is a bargain.

When you first open the eye liner the nib is really fine, this produces a thin line. However, I prefer it after a few uses as it then creates a bold line.

I also really like that it is thin and actually feels like a pen, this makes it so easy to use, it feels natural and comfortable to hold. I have repurchased this so many times and it has become one of my staple pieces of make up.

Have you tried this eyeliner, what do you think?



Ellie Adams said...

Amy I absolutely love this! I've tried just about every gel liner, pencil liner etc. but this is by far my favourite. Love!


Sandy @ absolutebeaut said...

I didn't know collection did a pen eyeliner like this. Will definitely try it, I bought one from MaxFactor and its rubbish! I've just followed by the way, your blog's lovely :)


LittleLotusBlossom said...

I love felt tip liners! They make it so much easier!

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