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Friday, 25 January 2013

Trafford Centre

As part of my 18th birthday present from my Dad and Step Mum they treated me and my sister to a day shopping and a night away at Manchester.

I was panicking about traveling so much because looking at the news the roads looked so dangerous even the motor ways were covered in snow, but Dad knew what he was doing. As soon as we got onto the main roads they were absolutely clear. The closer we got to Manchester the less snow there was. Panic over.

At the Trafford Centre we had a full day shopping and I got some really good bargains that I did a post about here. After this we went and checked in at the hotel, it was only across the road so we didn't have far to go.

Me and my sister got to share a twin room but the beds were so close it could have been a double. During the night my sister found herself half under my duvet and half under hers. We were cosy.

Dad booked us in for a three course meal at the hotel, my sister and I had lots of fun getting ready, doing our hair and make up together, we spent hours laughing and figuring out what hair styles to have.
Aren't we beautiful.
For my outfit I decided to wear my new skirt and blouse because I was so excited to wear them. I opted for flat shoes to keep it casual and opaque black tights as I wanted to stay nice and toasty.

It was such a lovely meal but I was so full I couldn't finish my pudding. I really enjoyed my weekend, it was a perfect way to finish my birthday celebrations, it felt like I had a week long birthday. That should happen every year! 



Gemma Talbot said...

Lovely blouse! I used to go to Uni in Manchester and miss the Trafford centre for shopping. You have all the shops you need under one roof! x

Hannah Roberts said...

That dress and blouse combo is gorgeous! Found you on a blog hop, and I'm a new follower! :D xx

Melissa. said...

Cute outfit :) I love your skirt, and your hair! :) x

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