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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Collective Haul

Last Saturday my Dad and Step Mum treated me and my sister to a day shopping at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and we stayed the night, there will be a post coming shortly about my day, but I got a few things and wanted to share them.I love shopping outside of my home town because I always find so much more, also the high street near me isn't that good and it doesn't have a big selection of shops. 

H&M - Pack of 5 socks (two have already been worn) - £5.99
This item isn't particularly exciting but I just loved the flower socks, they are so cute. The pack also came with a pair of white socks and a pair of grey and white spotty socks. 

Dorethy Perkins - Studded Jeans - Original Price £28 - Sale Price £15 
I absolutely love these jeans and I'm really getting into studs lately, these jeans are perfect as it is just a small detail. I got these in the sale and I thought they were a bargain at £15, when I got to the till I noticed they gave student discount so the price went down to £11.25. I also used a voucher I got for Christmas worth £10, over all I only paid £1.25 for a pair of jeans. 

Topshop - Olive Green Skater Skirt - £16
I was originally going to get this skirt in purple but then I saw the green and fell in love. I again used a gift voucher worth £15 so this skirt only cost me £1. 

Forever 21 - Blouse - £16.75
How adorable is the pattern on this blouse? I really couldn't resist, my sister has named it the Cinderella Blouse. This was the first time I've ever been into a Forever 21 shop and I love it, I want to go back ASAP.

Forever 21 - Chelsea Boots - Original Price £36.75 - Sale Price £8.74
These are my favorite purchase of the day, not only because I have been wanting a pair of boots like this for so long but because of the absolute BARGAIN I got them at. They were in the sale and the tag said £17.48 which I was willing to pay, the lady at the till then told me there was an extra 50% off everything in the sale. Amazing.

Have you found any bargains recently? 



Charlotte Ward said...

Hiyaaa! Love your blog :) I'm a newbie on here so just stalking and going arounds peoples blogs! So glad I came across yours :) love the topics you post about!

Would love and appreciate if you could give myself some feedback about my blog and how I could improve :)
need all the help I can get!!

mintyessence said...

H&M certainly have some pretty socks!

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Camila Victoriano said...

Love the blouse! Forever21 has really great finds if you take the time to look around x

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