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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

20 Random Facts About ME

1. I own 74 nail varnishes, I am obsessed.

2. I am a cat person. They are adorable, fluffy and never grow too big and scary like dogs.

3. I watch School of Rock and Bridget Jones every time it comes on TV.
4. I am a HUGE McFly fan.

5. I have a carebear that I have had almost all my life. Once, I left him in a taxi so my Mum and sister tracked down the taxi to get him back.

6. I love pink, anything pink and it's mine.

7.  I have a signed poster from Oritse out of JLS.

8. I enjoy organising things such as my school work, my bedroom and my beauty/make up products.

9. I turn all my plugs off in my bedroom at night except one.

10. I have two scars on my left elbow.

11. The only hot drink I drink is hot chocolate.

12.I don't like fizzy drinks. I am extremely squeamish and I didn't realise until I fainted at a Noah and the Whale concert after somebody cracked their head open.

13. I have a memory box that I keep all the things that mean something to me.

14. I would rather listen then talk.

15. My taste in music varies I can listen to Glee one minute the The Artic Monkeys another.

16. I don't like eating any kind of fish.

17. I was 11lbs when I was born. (I know I was huge)

18. I was ill on every Christmas for about five years.

19. I love Pink Lady Apples, partly because the are called Pink Lady.

20. I appear very shy to most people.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I really liked thinking of 20 unique things about myself. I think everybody should have a go and if you do leave me a link in the comments.



Heidi said...

How come you were sick every x-mas? :/ Sorry for hear that! xx


haha cute post!

♥ Ellen
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