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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Crafty Christmas Presents

I know I'm really late with a Christmas present haul as we are into February now, but these ones are just too cute not to share. My Mum made me a number of Christmas presents this year, they all coordinate and fit in well with my bed room.

Mum decorated a small box with a patch work design and inside was a beginners sewing kit. She is hoping it will inspire me to be more crafty, it has worked as I want to alter some of my plain clothes by changing the buttons or by adding ribbon or lace to make them more individual.
I got this jar with cotton pads in as I am always running out and stealing my Mum's, however I am now collecting my spare change and £2 coins in it.

She also decorated a much bigger box in a similar design which I have decided to keep my nail varnish in, if I get much more I may need a new box.

A handmade pillow case and cushion cover to decorate my bed, although I don't have a cushion to fit the case.

Finally, she made three little lavender pouches to go in my wardrobe in coordinating fabric.

I really love all these presents and think they are great little stocking fillers for anybody of any age. They add a much more personal touch to gifts as every time you look at them you remember who made them and appreciate the thought, time and effort that has gone into making it.


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