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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Avon -Colour Trend

This is one of the cheaper brands in Avon, I didn't have very high expectations of this, I thought the eye shadow wouldn't be very pigmented, however on most products I was very wrong.

This eye shadow duo is called Sun Burst, this is perfect for a bronzed look and I think I will wear it so much in the summer. It will look amazing on tanned skin. It is so pigmented which surprised me, this means it will last longer because I will use less. Bonus. This is my favorite product I own from Colour Trend.

Next, is the lip gloss in the colour Pucker. The photograph doesn't do it justice because it is a subtle vampy purple colour. This is very different to what I normally wear but it creates a nice change.

I wasn't very impressed with the foundation, this is the palest colour they had and it is still to dark for my skin tone, however I will try it again in the summer when I've been in the sun.

I went through a stage in January of only wearing pencil liners and this one was my go to. It is a very dark black and lasts all day, so I am very impressed with this.

The first nail varnish is Blue Morph and the second is Surf, they are both very sheer varnishes but they look so pretty over other opaque varnishes I use surf over mint polishes and it looks really pretty as they are shimmery.

Over all, I am pleased with the products in the colour trend range the cheap price is a bonus too. I think their eye shadows are worth a recommendation because they are very strong colours and don't crease in the eyelid or fall down your face throughout the day.

Have you tried Colour Trend from Avon?


Georgia Budd said...

The eyeshadow duo looks gorgeous :) I've never bought any avon makeup!

AlittlebitUnique said...

That eyeshadow looks gorgeous, avon makeup is great

A little bit Unique


antonis said...

very nice!!!!!

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