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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Glitter Nail Varnish Collection

I never have plain nails, I just love painting them too much. Most people find this the least exciting beauty activity, but I would say it is one of my favorites. Glitter is the perfect way to make a manicure amazing and I use it a lot. Due to my nail varnish spending ban I have been using old varnishes that I forgot I had, I think this is a great time to show you what I have before it starts growing again.

I love Models Own nail varnish, it has to be my favorite brand, it takes forever for them to chip and their selection of colours is amazing.
I have used all of these quite a lot, Ibiza Mix, Hot Stuff and Freak Out are all big bits of glitter so they look great over a bright or dark colour nail varnish. Magenta Divine and Disco Mix are a much finer glitter and it is very easy to completely cover your nails with this or do a water fall effect. However they are the hardest glitter ever to take off.

These are my Barry M glitter nail varnishes and this is my second favorite nail varnish brand. I don't have many Barry M glitters because I was hugely disappointed with Black Multi Glitter, in the bottle it looks very glittery with silver pieces in it, but on the nail this doesn't come through and it becomes just a black nail varnish.
However, I really like the other three especially Pink Iridescent, I got this as a birthday present back in January. It is so pretty, I have used it in a Manicure Monday post here.

These two are just my odd glitters, Sparkle Touch by Miss Sporty is the perfect glitter top coat, it adds a subtle amount of glitter to a manicure however, it does have some blue tones in it. This means it looks a bit odd with pink manicures.

Do you love glitter as much as me?


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