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Monday, 25 March 2013

Manicure Monday #26

As I said last week I have been using my pink nail varnishes a lot and I've enjoyed experimenting with different designs. For this manicure I have used Models Own Pink Punch. This is such a bright colour in person, the photograph doesn't do it justice. It is almost neon. As usual I have used two coats, I have used three in the past to make it completely opaque because I wanted the glitter to be the main focus.
On my accent nail and thumb I used Models Own Ibiza Mix, I absolutely love this nail varnish. I haven't worn it since New Years Eve so I was very excited to use it. Again, I used two coats because I wanted some of the pink to come through. I really like this manicure and I will definitely do it again.

Have you tried Pink Punch?


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