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Monday, 1 April 2013

OOTD - Oh Sandy

Top - boohoo - £8
Skirt - boohoo - £10
Boots - New Look -£29.99

Whenever I buy dresses or skirts I am always drawn towards coral, in the pictures this skirt looks very pink but it has a subtle hint of coral in it.  I really like skater skirts as they can look dressed up for an evening out or casual for a day time look. It is a stiff material so it stays flared out and holds its shape, it is also quite thick, this means it won't blow up in the wind.

I bought this top at the same time, it is an off the shoulder crop top. It reminds me of Sandy from Grease when she gets a make over at the end. I really want some disco pants to pair it with now.

I have done a whole blog post dedicated to my boots, here because I think they are gorgeous. I wanted to wear this outfit with the boots and black tights to create a casual and informal look that could be worn during the day.


Jamie-Lee GlitterInfatuation said...

I love this outfit! reminds me of sandy too that top would look amazing with disco pants!

Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog! x

KylieR said...

Looking lovely! Those boots are amaze ;)

Kylie x

Leigh Stronach said...

Such a cute outfit!


katymitten said...

I love these type of tops.. This outfit also reminds me of Baby from Dirty Dancing, my favourite! xx

The Little's.

Heidi said...

Dear Amy! I just wanted to say that you look super duper adorable in that skirt!! :)

I wish you an amazing week!! :) xx

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Candyliquor UK said...

oo I adore your skirt!
cute outfit <3
UK High Street Fashion Blog

daniella-r said...

Really like this outfit, the top is so pretty
Daniella x

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