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Monday, 5 August 2013

Manicure Monday #33

I'm sticking with the floral theme on my nails lately, however this on is a bit more subtle. I got a new nail art brush that I will blog about soon, I was so excited to try it out so I decided to do some large white flowers on my nails.
I used three coats of Avon's Sprightly Mint, I really like this colour because it is very pale and makes a delicate design. I love Avon nail varnish because they don't chip quickly and their colours are very strong. I also like that they dry really quickly because once I have painted my nails I never wait long enough before doing something new and smudging them.

Have you tried Avon's nail varnish?


Nail Edition said...

Thats a beautiful design! How much are Avon polishes?

Danni said...

This looks really pretty! :)

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