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Thursday, 1 August 2013


This is how bright it was when I first dyed my hair. 

I cannot believe I have dyed my hair pink, it is still sinking in, it is only semi permanent so it won't last forever though. I absolutely love it and I think I will keep on top of it, the dye will only last about 6 - 8 washes. 
I did it on my natural hair colour, however the dye says to lighten your hair to create a vibrant look. I feel it is still really bright so I am happy how it has turned out. Also, I match my wall paper! 
My hair is beginning to fade but it has gone a nice burgundy colour which I also love. 

Have you ever dyed your hair a crazy colour?


danniannie said...

Love the pink hair :)

Kayspray said...

It really suits you! I need to change up my hair soon but not sure what I fancy doing yet. Thanks for sending me a link via Twitter xx

Sweet Sparrow said...

Absolutely loving the pink, it looks really nice x

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